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Welcome to the Bar X Brand Jerky Store! Bar X Brand web store is the outlet of J&D FOODS. 

J & D Foods was established in 1977 making Beef Jerky for the Albuquerque area. J & D Foods makes real old fashioned beef jerky like the old time New Mexicans used to make it. We are the first USDA inspected Beef Jerky maker in New Mexico. 

J & D (Jane and Daughters) is a family owned and operated business with a real love of what we do. We only produce flavors that are the natural produce of New Mexico. Our Jerky is made with only natural ingredients allowing the flavor of the beef to shine through. 

The Regular style beef jerky is made using only beef and salt. The Peppered style adds only pepper of course. The Red and Green Chile flavored jerky uses world famous New Mexico chiles to add some zing to the beef and salt. There are no preservatives, no artificial colors, or flavors. No BHA, No Sodium benzoate, No hydrogenated anything, No MSG, No etc. 

Bar X Brand is a registered trademark of J&D FOODS INC. 
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